Heartbreak High

Someone asked if I had a copy of one of the songs that featured in Heartbreak High. I have also been asked about songs from Secret Life of Us and McLeod’s Daughters.

I’m looking forward to listening back through some old tunes from back then! See if I can find some unreleased songs that only ever appeared in these series. Stay tuned.

What the Future Holds

‘This single, HeyYou was recorded during my stint on McLeod’s daughters in 2008.
I loved that time of my life!
Now, I am again recording with an amazing group of musicians and soon to be releasing another solo record.
These feel like the best years of my life!’ Abi

THE FIERY MAZE Tim Finn/Dorothy Porter

‘I know many of you have been asking where you can access the songs from The Fiery Maze, a theatre production I developed with the late Dorothy Porter. A production brought to life by Andrea Goldsmith and featuring the vocals and musicianship of Abi Tucker and Brett Adams.

The Fiery Maze demo tracks that you can stream on Apple Music, Spotify and Google Play, were recorded live, in a workshop situation. This was the first time we had played all the songs through in sequence. There were literally three people in the room. Director Anne-Louise Sarks, lighting designer Nick Schlieper, and Andrea Goldsmith. But the determination of us all to make this a reality led to the Melbourne Malthouse Theatre season in 2016 and eventually the Sydney Festival.

I’m excited to be able to share these very raw and passionate performances with you all…’ Tim