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My new album is finally mixed and will be released later this year.

Big thanks to Phil Punch, Jem Hoppe-Smith, Julian Curwin, David Symes, Stu Hunter, Evan Mannell , Julian D Thompson, Ellen Kirkwood and Matt Ottignon.

Heartbreak High

Someone asked if I had a copy of one of the songs that featured in Heartbreak High. I have also been asked about songs from Secret Life of Us and McLeod’s Daughters.

I’m looking forward to listening back through some old tunes from back then! See if I can find some unreleased songs that only ever appeared in these series. Stay tuned.

Everybody / Everything from the Secret Life of Us.

Hey You!

‘This single, HeyYou was recorded during my stint on McLeod’s daughters in 2008.
I loved that time of my life!
Now, I am again recording with an amazing group of musicians and soon to be releasing another solo record.
These feel like the best years of my life!’ Abi